what we offer


Curriculum is for teenagers 15 – 19. Programs and workshops, introduce students to graphic design, digital media and screen printing; and provide opportunities to explore social justice issues via individual and group projects.


fall, winter and spring semesters

The YUCA Arts Program is a 10-week course, which takes place during the fall, winter and spring school semesters. Classes are led by professional artists and designers, and meet at our state-of-the-art studio in Boricua Village, providing skills and techniques in graphic design, digital production, screen printing, and communications to open up employment and higher education opportunities for youth in our communities. Students who complete the YUCA Arts Program often continue meaningful engagement with YUCA through advanced classes, apprenticeships, and our Mural Workshops, which are large-scale community art projects addressing social justice issues.

Summer session

Our 8-week summer program is for advanced students, who serve as peer leaders and assist beginner students with basic graphic design concepts and skills, mural making projects, and launching art-related projects such as vending merchandise at local street fairs.


These are excellent opportunities to gain real work experience with a professional staff in an enthusiastic, community-based, non-profit arts educational organization. YUCA seeks highly creative, motivated and driven interns willing to learn how to conceptualize and produce creative projects. An interest in creating compelling t-shirt graphics is a must, and the ability to produce designs for both print and digital platforms is essential.



This course exposes students to visual communication and problem-solving through typography, photography, iconography and illustration. Students transform creative ideas into an array of digital media: websites, banner ads, HTML emails, and social media applications. We train young artists to use graphic design as a means of responding and bringing attention to the needs of their community.


This component helps students develop proficiency in the practical use of design technologies. Whether they are interested in print or web, students will learn the basics of color systems, image manipulation, output, and production.


This component enables students to apply drawing and painting skills to create posters, ads, magazines, and learn the basics of color theory using acrylic paint and other mediums. The workshop also includes a brief survey of the history of illustration.


This course teaches students hands-on digital and screen printing
mechanics as they work towards becoming proficient in the use of state of the art digital printers as well as a traditional screen press, and develop several pieces for their portfolios. The specialized digital and screen printing knowledge students acquire helps them to become competitive candidates for employment, accomplished apprentices, or even entrepreneurs of their own small-scale business ventures.


One-Day WorkSHOPS

YUCA conducts 3 to 5 one-day workshops annually, providing an overview of the graphic design field, as well as related educational and career opportunities that exist.



These classes connect art-making and social justice issues through collaborative mural projects.

Our registration period for all YUCA mural projects begins in April through May.


Make Space for the Arts Workshops & Mural Project

For the Make Space for the Arts Workshops & Mural Project in 2018, YUCA partnered with Community Connections for Youth (CCFY), the Brooklyn-based Exalt program, and other organizations addressing juvenile justice. Participants developed a mural to revitalize a neglected space underneath the Deegan Expressway.
Climate Change Workshop & Mural Project

Climate Change Workshop & Mural Project

In 2018, YUCA partnered with the Climate Museum for the Climate Change Workshop & Mural Project, which culminated in an 8’ x 35’ mural at the International Community High School.

Community mural in Melrose honoring Samuel Marquez

YUCA painted a community mural in Melrose honoring Samuel Marquez, long-time activist, veteran, and fire fighter. This mural project is one of several YUCA students painted during 2021.


BRONX LOCAL businesses

YUCA artists and interns provide webinars and workshops for small business owners in the south Bronx. Classes include an introduction to social media; how to schedule and track social media content; proven graphic design strategies for helping your small business brand; and how to build a free business website. The projects help advanced interns/students with training and access to equipment that allows them to start their own small business ventures. Students interested in this program take additional classes during and after the 10-week winter, fall, and spring workshop program.


Advanced YUCA students have the opportunity to join a graphic design team that creates professional work for various private businesses and nonprofit organizations. (In addition to providing students with valuable on-the-job training, their work has also established an important source of earned income to support program activities.)

entrepreneurial ventures

YUCA provides advanced students with training and access to equipment that allows them to start their own small business ventures. Students interested in this program take additional classes during and after the 10-week winter, fall, and spring programs.